Uber and Lyft drivers demand changes before companies IPO

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Dozens of Lyft and Uber drivers protested outside The Omni Hotel in San Francisco.

Gig Workers Rising received a tip about a scheduled meeting between Lyft executives and potential investors regarding the company's IPO.

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"There is about to be some new potential millionaires in the city. They have forgotten about the people who are doing the work for them. That are out there risking their lives. There is a crisis going on in San Francisco right now," said Lyft driver, Rebecca Stack.

Drivers are asking both Lyft and Uber to provide a living wage and greater transparency.

Gamal Alsamma is one of the drivers who is trying to understand how he made less than 50-percent for one of his trip.

"They charged the passenger $78 and they gave me $36 with the tip. That's more than half. They pay the drivers 30-percent and they take 70-percent," said Alsamma.

Lyft and Uber drivers are also demanding for these companies to provide livable hourly rate, benefits, an independent worker organization and transparency when it comes to deactivations and fares.

Steve Gregg has being driving Lyft for the three years and says he use to make $1,500 a week. But, according to him those days are over.

"I work generally 50 + hours a week in the hopes of having $700 after gas" said Gregg.

Uber declined to comment about this protest and their future IPO and Lyft has not responded to our request.

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"Where you hoping to speak to one of the investors? What were you guys hoping for? I think we were hoping to send the message to the investors. That Lyft is not treating its drivers well and that they shouldn't invest in the company until drivers are treated with respect," said Shona Clarkson from Gig Workers Rising.

According to a Bloomberg report, Lyft's Monday meeting with Investors and executives was held at the Olympic Club instead.

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