Man who anchored boat at Aquatic Park without permit since Sept. says he'll decide when it moves

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Bryan Pennington's boat is at Hyde Street Pier for now. The San Francisco Police Department Marine Unit approached Pennington this weekend after witnesses reported his boat adrift hitting other boats in the area of Aquatic Park.

Pennington's boat has been there without a permit since September.

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"I as the Captain of the vessel, I decide when it moves," said Pennington.

SFPD cited Pennington for resisting arrest. He was released and police moved his boat to Hyde Street Pier. Pennington says he believes a swimmer or swimmers at Aquatic Park vandalized his boat.

"Graffiti, cutting the anchor line jeopardizing my vessel and my goals and plans and journeys," said Pennington.

"He has been literally a pariah," said Reuben Hechanova, President of the Dolphin Club.

The President of the Dolphin club has been at odds with Pennington for months.

"He came and basically has squatted by virtue of exceeding what is the allowable time period in Aquatic Park," said Hechanova.

"Thumbing his I can do whatever I want to do attitude," he continued.

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He says swimmers also believe Pennington has been dumping waste from the boat.

"He pollutes the water," said Hechanova.

Pennington's friend Scott says he stayed on the boat last night. "What evidence is there of any dumped anything," said Scott.

Scott did not want to share his last name.

Park Police are seeking a stay-away order that would give Pennington 72 hours to remove his boat. A court date is tentatively scheduled for next week.

"It's not ship shape to move anywhere," said Pennington.

Pennington says he'll move only after he repairs the damage.

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