Court officials say man who inspired 3 strikes law sentenced to life in prison for most recent act of violence

FRESNO, Calif. -- Court officials said a man who inspired the three strikes law was sentenced by a judge to life in prison.

On Monday morning, Judge Kent Hamlin sentenced Douglas Walker to 44 years to life, but he'll be eligible for a parole hearing after 25 years.

Walker was convicted of beating his girlfriend, Karrie Alvarado, in March of 2014. She died of a drug overdose before he went on trial, so she never testified.

In 1992, Walker was the accomplice in a robbery that ended in the death of 18-year-old Kimber Reynolds. He served a nine-year sentence and by the time he got out, Kimber's father Mike Reynolds had helped write the three strikes law leading to life sentences for repeat offenders.
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