Mass casualty earthquake simulation held at Pittsburg community college

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- A mass casualty earthquake simulation was held Wednesday at a community college in the East Bay to help staff and students prepare ahead of a real emergency.

It's was close to the real thing as possible, but without the ground shaking.

Those who took part in the simulation could be heard pretending to cry out in pain or wandered in a confused state. This was the scenario that EMT students and staff faced at Los Medanos Community College in Pittsburg during the emergency drill.

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The students eventually jumped into action, although one supervisor thought they were a little too slow and cautious at first. "It looked like a bunch of terrified faces, but that's what we want right? Because in real life, that is what is going to happen and they're going understand real fast that timing is everything, as fast as we can get out to a scene and serve victims, the more lives we save, so it's a really good thing," traffic officer Mike Hotten said.

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This is the third and largest drill they have done here at the college with more victims this time and fewer resources. "I am stressed right, it's kind of like where does everyone go? A lot of patients being transported at the moment," a woman said.

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They not only had to discover the victims and move them. The drill continued in a set up hospital emergency room. There were some giggles as the fake victims hammed up their parts, but students said that doesn't mean they aren't focused. "We are definitely taking this seriously, this is what we need to train us for the real world and this is a great opportunity for us," nursing student Carmen Nix said.

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