VIDEO: McDonald's worker fired for throwing water on homeless man staff via KABC logo
Thursday, November 12, 2015
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A McDonald's drive-thru worker who tossed water on homeless man, sparking outrage across social media, has been fired.

DETROIT -- Outrage was sparked on social media after a hungry man was taunted with the offer of a free McDonald's sandwich by a drive-thru worker then had a cup of water thrown on him.

The video was captured at a McDonald's restaurant in Detroit and quickly went viral.

The McDonald's drive-thru employee can be seen leaning out the window, offering a homeless man a sandwich. But as the man approaches, he is then drenched with a cup of water.

Willie, the homeless man in the video, is a well-known panhandler in the area and spends much of his time on the street.

On Wednesday, the owner of the McDonald's announced the employee seen tossing the water was fired and called the actions clearly unacceptable.