Mexican government prepares for post-Trump immigrant backlash

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Mexican government sat down with consuls to American cities to hammer out a plan to help Mexicans in this country.

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They say it is being proactive in case there is any action taken by President-elect Donald Trump immediately after the election.

Following the presidential election Mexico's secretary of foreign affairs sat down with all the consuls working in U.S. cities. These pictures were posted five days after President-elect Donald Trump won.

"We want to be proactive, have our people really considering different scenarios," said Wilma Gandoy of the Consul for protection and legal affairs.

The Mexican government is using social media along with TV and radio advertisements asking that every Mexican in this country have their papers and documents in order.

Their Twitter handle is @EstamosContigo, which means "We're with you."

"I'm basically here to renew my passport," said Janet Lazaro, a Mexican citizen. "I'm in the middle of getting my process started."

Mexican parents with children who were born in the U.S. should have them registered with their consulate. Surprisingly many don't and those who don't have duel citizenship should start the process.

"We all need to have our things, you never know what is going to happen," said Gandoy.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's District Attorney reminded people of the department's hate crime hotline.

"We as a community stand united, said DA George Gascone, "This will not be a place where hate will be tolerated without consequences."

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Gascon reminded people to report any immigration scams in San Francisco.

You can call the Mexican Consulate at 1-855-551-6395, the San Francisco District Attorney's Hate Crime hotline at 415-551-9595 and the San Francisco Police Hotline at 415-575-4444.
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