Ask Finney: parking spots, dishwashers, auto insurance

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Question 1:

Sean asked on Twitter: How long can a private construction project occupy parking spots in San Francisco?

Answer 1:

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency does not set a maximum number of days a contractor is allowed to "take away" parking spaces. Each project is different. but the contractor is not supposed to waste those days. If you feel like that is happening, you can contact the SFMTA and they will look into it. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says if you have questions or concerns, contact them directly.

Question 2:

Jimmie asked: How important is it to buy a dishwasher that can sanitize?
Answer 2:

First realize, this is sanitize, not sterilize. So Consumer Reports says, it is not important at all. Dishwasher temperatures are usually set around 155-degrees. A built-in sanitize cycle raises that temperature to around 170 degrees. That does kill some germs, but once you touch those dishes and they're exposed to air, they are no longer sanitized. Still some like the setting, so you have to decide if the extra money is worth it to you.

Question 3:
Phyliss asked via email: Which website is good to price compare auto insurance?

Answer 3:
Comparing auto insurance prices can be time consuming and a hassle. But Phyliss, you're in luck. The state government has an online tool to help residents find the best premiums for their insurance needs. Simply log-on, choose the type of insurance you're looking to buy (like basic liability), your location, and vehicle information and you'll get a list of dozens of companies with costs, in your area.
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