City of Milpitas honors those who served with Veterans Day ceremony

MILPITAS, Calif. (KGO) -- The city of Milpitas is honoring those who served with a ceremony at the Veterans Plaza at city hall.

The day is full of patriotic music, speeches and reflection. The veterans appreciate the support from the community.

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"They always talk about us in the Korean War as being in the forgotten war, but it's not forgotten by us and this shows us that it's not forgotten by a lot of the people," said Denny Weisgerber, Korean War veteran.

More than 25 Boys and Girls Scout troops in San Jose are serving those who served. Midtown Family Services and Opening Doors Foundation, which help veterans with housing and resources, held a Veterans Day breakfast at the African American Community Center.

It wasn't just about feeding the stomach, but also the soul. The scouts wrote thank you cards for the veterans. And the veterans spent time talking with each other, appreciating the time together and where they are today.

"I was in one of the first troops to hit the Pacific in Guadalcanal. From there I went to the Marianas in Guam. Served the campaign to Guam. I was in the second wave in Guam in the Marine Corps. And I survived there. I got pretty lucky I'd have to say. And you're 94-years-old. The good lord has been good to me. That's all I have to say," said Weisgerber.

Today's event isn't the only one, tomorrow they are holding a luncheon for all the veterans.

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