Miracle Messages aims to reunite the homeless with their loved ones

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As part of our effort to help Build a better Bay Area, ABC7 News is teaming up with dozens of media outlets for the San Francisco Homeless Project.

It's a joint effort that aims to hold leaders accountable for the city's homeless problem and offer solutions.

ABC7 News reporter Lyanne Melendez introduces us to a group that is offering a solution of their own. They are trying to help reunite the homeless with their loved ones, all through simple videos.

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Miracle Messages helps homeless people record short video messages to their loved ones, in an attempt to reunite them using social media.

One year ago employees of Zumper, a home rental finder, were volunteering with an organization called Miracle Messages when they ran across Wayne Cornett, a man who had been homeless for 19 years.

They recorded his message in an attempt to contact with his family.

"And I was going to see if I could find you but I'm waiting for my social security check to kick in to come over," part of his message said.

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Using the last name Cornett, volunteers located a possible match, his niece Jasmine Cornett, who was notified through social media.

"I immediately went into a room, called my family showed them the message," she said. "We all said yes that's him."

She then went to the location where volunteers had last seen her uncle and searched for about an hour before finding him near the Powell Street BART Station.

Cornett then Facetimed with her family, with her long-lost uncle sitting next to her.

It was a powerful moment for her as she said, "Fam, I found him."

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That was last August. He is now 68 years old and has a new life.

"August to now, he is off the streets, he is in Mercy House and in a very nice apartment," said Cornett.

Miracle Message is the creation of Kevin F. Adler. With the help of executive director Jess Donig and a team of volunteers called digital detectives, they've been able to reunite 235 families.

"It's really important as a believer that we show people our faith not just tell them," he said. "Being able to see people reconcile after 20 years disconnected and show compassion, understanding and open arms, that's incredible."

Miracle Messages now has people helping in five U.S. major cities with the goal of bringing back those who have been left behind.

If you would like to get involved with Miracle Message, call 1-800-MISS-YOU (1-800-647-7968).

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