Coast Guard searches for San Francisco man reported missing from Angel Island

ANGEL ISLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A holiday weekend on Angel Island has turned into a full-scale search and rescue mission for a San Francisco man missing since Monday morning.

The search for Wouter Van Lier was called off for the night Monday. The 42-year-old went missing sometime overnight on a sailboat off Angel Island.

Earlier in the day, search and rescue teams from Marin, San Mateo and Contra Costa counties were being ferried to Angel Island to search for Van Lier.

"It was supposed to be a nice Labor Day weekend, but we're looking for Wouter," said Battalion Chief Michael St. John.

Van Lier was spending the weekend on board a leased sailboat, with his wife and several friends. The boat was docked overnight at Ayala Cove on Angel Island.

"He was last seen by his wife at 1 a.m. I believe getting into to bed and when she woke up at 6 a.m. he was missing," St. John said.

Sky 7 HD was overhead as search teams fanned out across the steep, rugged terrain of Angel Island, which is 1.2 square miles in size.

A Coast Guard helicopter hovered over the water near Ayala cove for any sign of Van Lier. He was last seen by his wife wearing a gray shirt and boxer shorts. It's unknown if any other clothes were taken. It's unclear if he went for an early hike or fell into the water.

"He's known to be a very positive person and was last seen in good spirits. We don't believe there's any foul play is involved and we don't believe he had any intent to harm himself either," St. John added.

The search is expected to resume Tuesday morning.

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