Cat survives 3 months in North Bay fire zone

Thursday, January 25, 2018
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We've heard about cats having nine lines. But a domestic cat surviving three months in the fire zone?

FOUNTAINGROVE, Calif. (KGO) -- We've heard about cats having nine lives. But a domestic cat surviving three months in the fire zone?

Believe it.

On Wednesday, we spent time with Susan and Jim Decker, who tried to introduce their cat, Tiger, to us, but no. Tiger spent the morning hiding under a bed.

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That he's skittish is understandable.

The Deckers are one of the fortunate families in Fountaingrove who still have at least a portion of their home. They have not moved back, however.

Shortly after the firestorm, Tiger escaped.

One week passed.Then two.Then a month. Then two.

By the third month, the Deckers lost hope of ever seeing Tiger, again.

Enter "Trapper" Dave Yarger, a neighbor and dedicated cat lover who cannot rest knowing that animals are still missing after the firestorm.

He's in the neighborhoods every night, leaving food, planting motion sensor cameras, connecting dots, setting traps, and returning pets to their homes.

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"When do you sleep?" we asked him.

"Maybe two hours a night," Dave said.


Big laugh.

Dave saw internet postings about Tiger, confirmed his identity with the family through pictures, and spent weeks tracking the feline before luring him into a cage with some food.

"I just love cats," said Dave, as if that explains it.

Guess it does.

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