Search for Sierra LaMar to end after nearly 3 years

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Search for Sierra LaMar to end after nearly 3 years
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Sierra LaMar's family has confirmed Monday that they will be ending the weekly searches for the missing Morgan Hill 15-year-old after nearly three years.

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- The regularly scheduled searches for Sierra LaMar are coming to an end. Police believe the Morgan Hill teenager was kidnapped and murdered in March 2012.

It's been almost three years since 15-year-old LaMar disappeared on her way to school, and to this day, volunteers have been meeting every week trying to find her.

Her father Steve LaMar said Monday it's time to stop, saying they've simply run out of viable search areas.

"No one's giving up, that's for sure," Steve LaMar said. "That's not part of this message. It's just a different way of doing it now."

Sierra's father says he made the decision with the rest of the family, volunteers and experts. Searches will only take place when new tips and information come in.

The Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center has been the latest spot where the volunteers have been meeting every Saturday. It's a dedicated group, about two dozen people show up every week, rain or shine.

Search coordinator Roger Nelson of Gilroy has been part of the effort from the very beginning. He reports every Saturday morning and stays until mid-afternoon.

"It's a community effort, a Bay Area community effort that's been involved here and we just wanted to bring closure and help in any way that we could," Nelson said.

While there's been no closure yet, those who've been involved in her search say they are holding out hope that Sierra LaMar will one day be found.

As for her alleged killer, Antolin Garcia-Torres, he's scheduled to return to court next month where the judge may set a trial date.