Missing Alabama woman found trapped, but alive in wrecked car

CAMPBELLTON, Ala. -- A missing woman was found trapped, but alive in her vehicle after being reported missing for three days in Alabama.

Robin Fancher had been seen leaving her apartment on Friday in Headland. The missing person's report said she was heading for the post office.

A man who wishes to remain anonymous told WDHN he discovered the vehicle in a ditch in the town of Campbellton late Monday morning.

"I came back down here and waited, but there wasn't anything I could do," said the man. She was so far down in that ditch.

According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, it is believed Robin Fancher had crashed into the ditch days before, but her car was not easily visible from the road.

"The county came and the county even went by twice, two or three times actually, went up, turned around and came back by across the bridge again," explained the man who found her.

Once first responders reached the scene, the process of safely removing Fancher presented several challenges.

"The main challenges were going to be where the car was and where the victim was pinned against the driver's door," said Dothan Fire Battalion Chief Pete Web. "It was off the road and it was difficult to get the car to pull around her. "

It took at least five first responder agencies well over an hour to free Fancher and get her to a hospital.

At last report, Fancher was responsive and alert.
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