Model's gut instinct saves her life

A young model says she wouldn't be alive today if she didn't trust her gut instinct. Now she is talking about her battle with cancer.

For two years model Elly Mayday suffered from extreme pain in her lower back and abdomen.

After multiple trips to the emergency room, doctors sent the now 27-year-old away with painkillers, but no diagnosis.

Though Mayday was told there was nothing to worry about, she insisted on seeing an expert.

She explains, "I kind of complained about my stomach hurting a lot more as well as with the back. I was able to go into a CT scan, and then after I got the results from that they couldn't see my left ovary."

It turns out that Mayday was actually suffering from a rare form of ovarian cancer that had already reached stage 3.

She ended up needing a hysterectomy and three months of chemotherapy.

With Mayday's cancer in remission, she's now using her platform to encourage women to be proactive when it comes to their health.
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