'I probably was seeming like a bully:' Mom gets arrested after confronting son's bullies at school

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. -- A South Carolina mom reached the tipping point with her son's bullies and wound-up getting arrested after confronting the kids at an elementary school.

Jamie Rathburn told WSPA she kept a log of the bullying targeting her third-grade son, Blake.

She said she believes Greenville County Schools failed to respond, so she went to Greenbrier Elementary School.

"I'm not right in my actions, but I'm right in standing up for my son," said Jamie Rathburn, of Simpsonville. "I feel like it was handled poorly. I feel like my son was neglected in the fact that he would ask for help and not receive it. He was not being heard, which is why I got involved," she said.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said she "began yelling at them while pointing her finger in a threatening manner."

"I probably was seeming like a bully at that point. I'm not proud of it," said Rathburn.

"It is never OK to confront other people's children and to use foul language with them and threatening language with them," said Beth Brotherton, Greenville County Schools District spokeswoman.

Rathburn told her son she was trying to protect him but knows she made a mistake.

"I told him what I did wasn't OK. It wasn't. It was not OK. Mom shouldn't have done that, but I was upset and you see what happened when I allowed my emotions to control my behavior. I did something stupid and it got me arrested," she said.
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