Mom receives death threats after dunking 3-year-old son's head in toilet

She's not facing legal charges, but a mom in Florida said she is facing death threats after a video of her dunking her son's head in a toilet went viral on social media.

The video shows Kaitlyn Wolf holding her young son upside down, sticking his head in the toilet. However, she said this is not what it looks like.

Wolf said it was just a joke when she gave her 3-year-old son what she calls a "swirly" in the toilet.

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Her 10-year-old son is the one who took the video.

Wolf said she wanted to discipline him by making him wash his mouth out with soap, but went with this instead.

She also said he's not screaming but laughing in the video.

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Wolf sent the video to her babysitter, who sent it to someone else, who posted it on Facebook.

She said she never expected the reaction she got.

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"They've threatened to kill me, murder me, shove my head in a toilet, bury me halfway alive, cut my head off," Wolf said.

She added that her son was not being tortured and his face didn't get wet in the toilet.

The local police department said that although it wanted to arrest the woman, the State Attorney's Office declined to pursue charges, saying there was no physical abuse or neglect.
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