Wet weather slows all modes of Bay Area transportation

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In San Francisco, the wet weather caused travel troubles across the Bay Area. It was slow going on the roadways and brake lights could be seen lighting up the freeways. Traffic was at a standstill at most onramps heading over the Bay Bridge.

Los Angeles resident Mani Kapir took a look at the Bay Bridge traffic and said he was going to the East Bay, but was also "contemplating just staying here and getting some good pizza, and maybe going back to a friend's house."

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This second straight day of steady downpours made for a slow commute just about everywhere in the Bay Area. Avoiding the freeway traffic by taking BART came with its own challenges. Wet rails caused system wide delays of 10 minutes or more.

At SFO the delays stretched well past 10 minutes; there were 70 flights inbound and outbound canceled. Other flights were delayed by hours.

Ronna Jewett told ABC7 News, she was trying to get to Reno late Monday night. She left Orange County Monday morning and has been caught in delay after delay because of the storm.

"My flight for Reno was cancelled, I don't know why, unless they're backed up. And that was at 6:40, but now I'm flying out at 11:25 and getting home at 12:29," Jewett said.

But traffic isn't the only concern. There are certain spots across the Bay Area, like one church in Daly City, that are vulnerable because of this rain deluge. Erosion is eating away at the parking lot at the Korean Central Presbyterian Church and neighbor Mike Miller has been watching the recent storms chip away at the hill side.

VIDEO: Ongoing landslide could spell end for Daly City church parking lot

"We need the rain, and the rain is good. Getting a lot of rain all at once, though, is going to cause some problems for areas that haven't had rain in five years, almost," Miller said.

The church has marked off areas that might be affected by further erosion.

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