Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco could be closed for another week

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Transbay Joint Powers Authority shared pictures Wednesday of the cracked steel load bearing steel beam workers discovered Tuesday at the Salesforce Transit Center.

"The beam basically supports the roof, the bus deck and Fremont Street. It's holding up the bridge over Fremont Street," said Mark Zabaneh, Executive Director of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

That's why the Transbay Joint Powers Authority decided to close both Fremont street and the Salesforce Transit Center.

We will not open the transit center or Fremont Street unless we are 100 percent sure that the issue is rectified, corrected and the building is safe," said Zabaneh.

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Officials revealed Wednesday that a second steel beam was found to have cracks on the third level of the Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco.

During their investigation last night, workers found another crack.

"The adjacent beam to the beam in question also suffered some cracking, not to the same extent as the beam in question but still has some cracking," said Zabaneh.

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TJPA says the beams were installed and last inspected in January of 2016.

There was no crack in June of 2016 when fire proofing material was installed.

"The cracks took place after June of 2016 we don't know when after June of 2016," said Zabaneh.

Meaning it's possible the cracks occurred before they were discovered yesterday.

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The transit center has been open to the public since August 12.

TJPA says there are similar beams on 1st Street.

"We inspected it visually and see no signs of any deformation or stress," said Zabaneh.

TJPA says the cracks could be a fabrication, welding, installation or design issue.

The next step is to put in temporary shoring to relieve the load on those two cracked beams.

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