'My Skin is Not a Crime': Painted casket gives voice to Oakland community, tells story of police brutality in US

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A display of art and activism at a pop-up event in Oakland condemned police brutality and systemic racism.

On Saturday ABC7 was inside the Joyce Gordon Gallery where artist De Andre Drake showcased his work titled, "My Skin is Not a Crime".

The centerpiece features an airbrushed casket with writing reflecting the thoughts of the community.

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"In Oakland, I feel like I have a voice. I want to use my voice. This casket is my voice and the voice of my people. Not everything on the casket reflects my personal politics or thoughts but I'm expressing what is being communicated to me by my community. My art gives voice to my people," says De Andre.

Drake says he was inspired by George Floyd's daughter.

"His daughter mentioned that her dad changed the world. So I wanted, It just resonated with me and I just wanted to do what I could and do my part and do what I could do to change the world, and what I had to give is my art, so I used my art as my attempt to make change."

The Uncle of Oscar Grant - who was killed by BART police on New Year's Day in 2009 - also shared his story.

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