VIDEO: Mysterious light seen in California sky identified as meteor

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Residents across California were surprised to see a mysterious bright light in the sky Wednesday night, many posting to social media to speculate what it could be.

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It wasn't a planned rocket launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Santa Barbara -- that was scrubbed. A planned Space X launch also didn't take off.

VIDEO: Mysterious light seen in Bay Area sky
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A mysterious light was spotted in the sky after 5:30 p.m., a time when most are making their way home from work.

So what could it have been?

According to scientists at Lick Observatory, it was a bright meteor.

The director of the Griffith Observatory in Southern California also confirmed that it was a bolide meteor, which was reportedly small enough to fit in your hand. But what people saw was the compressed air around it, which gave it its mysterious appearance.

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PHOTOS: Bay Area residents share photos of mysterious light in sky
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A mysterious light caught the attention of many -- that mystery is now solved. Scientists have identified it as a bolide meteor.

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