Nancy Pelosi eyes speakership despite the critics

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- With just three months until the midterms, the future of Democratic leadership in the U.S. House is a hot topic.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she will run for speaker this fall if the party is able to take back the house. Some are calling for her to step aside to make way for a new generation of leaders, but others are coming to her defense.

"I'm for Nancy Pelosi. I've seen how skillful she is," says Bay Area congressman Eric Swalwell. "I've seen how skillful she is. I also don't like allowing our opponents to tell us who our leader should be."

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In recent months, Pelosi has been the target of numerous attack ads launched by conservative-leaning groups in key swing districts across the country.

Republicans currently hold a 23-seat majority in the House.

Political analyst and SFSU professor Joe Tuman says one of Pelosi's more commendable traits is delivering when it counts. "Just replacing her for the sake of replacing her, so that somebody else can have a turn at the job is not a great thing to do unless that person comes with institutional knowledge and fundraising capacity."

Many Democratic officials are trying to stay on message heading into the fall by saying the party should solely be focused on winning back the majority.

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