New planet discovery made with help from Google

NASA came out with an out of this world announcement - the discovery of an 8th planet orbiting a distant star. The planet was found in the Kepler-90 system - 2,500 light years away.

"We now know there's a star system that has as many planets as ours," said Jessie Dotson, NASA scientist with the Kepler mission. "There's every reason to think that there are stars have even more planet around it than ours."

While this is a milestone in space exploration, it's the technique used to make the discovery that's making waves. The classification was made possible by analyzing data using a form artificial intelligence from Google.

"NASA teamed up with Google to put together a self-learning algorithm or computer program that can teach itself to look for faint signals from planets they may have overlooked," explained Ben Burress, a staff astronomer at Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland.

The discovery was well received by researchers and the general public at the space center. Astronomers say the new technique could lead to the discovery of more planets in our galaxy. "The more planets you have out there, the more potentially Earth-like planets you have and the more chances for these to be a place that harbors life," said Burress.

Adib Musawwir of Antioch brought his daughter to the center as part of a school field trip.

He's always been fascinated with space exploration and this latest discovery is adding to the excitement.

"It's quite a large frontier and what we've seen so far is pretty small compared to what's out there," said Musawwir.

Researchers have discovered many more planets outside our solar system with the help of the Kepler spacecraft. Scientists now believe there may be at least one planet orbiting every star in the sky.
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