Houston man already camped out for new iPhone -- not available until Friday

HOUSTON, Texas -- Apple will release its new line of iPhones on Friday, and one of the models will be the most expensive yet, coming in at $1,100.

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But that price tag is not stopping one Houston man from lining up early to get his hands on the device.

Isaiah Stofferahn is the first person in line at the store in Highland Village.

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Is the iPhone worth the wait? It appears to be for one guy!

He not only wants a new phone, he needs it. His old phone broke.

Stofferahn says he could have pre-ordered, but now all those slots are full. He believes the next best thing was to wait at the store for several days, but he is ready for the long haul.

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"Brought a lawn chair, you need to have it. Brought an umbrella because of the heat and that sun. I also have a jetboil with me, got some water. But the people here at the Apple store are pretty cool. They provided some water for me when I needed it, too. I have some mac and cheese," Stofferahn said.

He says he has also packed a mattress pad and blanket for sleeping, along with his computer. He's documenting the experience on YouTube.

Stofferahn expects more people to join him as it gets closer to the release date.

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