New Jersey mom dies of COVID days after giving birth to 3rd son

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Saturday, February 27, 2021
New Jersey mom dies just days after giving birth to third son
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Baby Ashton was born February 13 - it was an emergency delivery because Jimenez was battling COVID. His mom lost her battle, never having the chance to hold, in her arms, the baby

PATERSON, New Jersey -- A New Jersey family is remembering their loved one who lost her battle with COVID-19 after just giving birth to her third child.

Baby Ashton was born Feb. 13.

It was an emergency delivery because his mother Joanna Jimenez was battling COVID-19.

Joanna lost her battle just days after Ashton was born, never having the chance to hold the baby she carried with care for nearly nine months.

She leaves behind her three boys - 15-year-old Jordan, 18-month-old Christian and baby Ashton - and her devastated husband, Chad Augustus.

On Friday, her family held Joanna's wake.

"I'm just trying to stay strong. It's like every day I want to let my emotions out, but I'm just trying to stay strong for the kids and the family," said Augustus.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help the three brothers begin their lives without the mother that family and friends called "the glue of the gathering."

"I've had so many experiences and memories with her, she's always been by my side," said best friend Cynthia Sanchez.

"I'm so proud of her for the woman she became after she having kids; she dedicated her life to making sure her kids were good," said her brother, John Jimenez.

The love is still flowing in the family as they all decided to let Jimenez's heartbroken mother, Ashton's grandmother, take the lead in caring for him. They say it eases her sadness in losing her daughter.

"So now we just have to celebrate her life each and every day," said her sister, Jacqueline Diaz.

Chad Augustus says that God always has a always plan.

"You never know what the situation holds," he said.

Joanna Jimenez's funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

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