Deadline approaching for Oakland Raiders stadium proposal

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Wednesday is the deadline for the city of Oakland to provide the NFL with a new stadium proposal. In two weeks the NFL owners could decide which team or teams will be allowed to move to Los Angeles.

The mayor's office sent a letter to the NFL that included a request for more time.

A plan to keep the Oakland Raiders in Oakland is far from finished.

"There's concern by many in our camp that if we don't get this proposal something financially solid to keep the team in Oakland, that it would be a sign for the NFL owners that OK, Oakland doesn't care and they can just leave," Joint Powers Authority spokesperson Chris Dobbins said.

VIDEO: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tries to convince NFL to keep Raiders in East Bay

Dobbins says he's been a Raiders fan since 1976. "My dad took me to a local watering hole when I was 4 years old and they kicked me out but I remember everyone jumping up and down," he said.

Fans are still jumping up and down in the sold out coliseum despite several seasons of losses.

A Raiders potential move to Los Angeles is the loss they least want.

"The San Diego group and the St. Louis group are fighting much more vehemently to get to LA. We may win by subtraction," Dobbins said.

It was down to the wire for Oakland to present a plan for a new stadium to the NFL.

In a statement, Mayor Libby Schaaf said, "On December 30, we'll be giving the NFL an update on our progress and asking for more time to get a responsible deal. The NFL understands Oakland is operating in a uniquely complex situation and that we can't rush what needs to be a transparent public process."

The mayor has said no taxpayer money should be spent on a new football stadium.

Whether or not the Raiders play here in the future, the city is still paying for past stadium improvements.

While Dobbins is happy to share his favorite first Raiders memory, he's hoping he won't soon have to share his last.

"If I had a big checkbook I would love to pay for it. But we obviously don't and so we need to find creative ways to keep the team," he said.

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