New proposal may destroy affordable housing in Mountain View

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif (KGO) -- An affordable housing complex in Silicon Valley could be sold and redeveloped. The project off of Moffett Boulevard in Mountain View could displace more than 100 families, many of whom are military families.

The plan is up for study session. Families impacted are already anticipating the worst, such saw rising rent and being forced to move.

What's different about this story, is those affected could be displaced by the same government they serve.

Some families got a notice that notified residents their rent was increasing effective September 1.

"Since the year we've lived here our rent has been increased by $500 and actually has left us January 1 moving in with family," Shenandoah Square resident Samantha Wright

Wright, her husband, an Army officer, and 3-year-old son have enjoyed Shenandoah Square. The military family lived there for only about a year. They loved the green space for their son. "Probably about 10 people I knew in this area had left because of the increase and you know 50 percent of them being military," Wright said.

The rent increase was the first bad sign. Then, Samantha Wright learned the federal government, which owns the property is looking to sell it, a proposal that could potentially displace more military families.

"Ultimately the federal government will make that decision as to what they'll do with the parcel," Mountain View Senior Project planner Rebecca Shapiro said.

Mountain View City Council is holding a study session for the development plan.

The idea is drawing opposition from congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who wrote a letter to the city of mountain view. In the letter, Eshoo says: "I'm deeply concerned that to date the Army supports the sale and has chosen to ignore the impact this sale will have on the 108 military and civilian families residing at Shenandoah Square.

"And you know my husband has been deployed three times and 10 years in service and now we're out looking for a home," Wright said.

Her family's reality gives a glimpse, but the bigger picture she says is servicemen and women deserve better.
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