$100 bill on your windshield? Beware: It could be a scam

If you were in your car and noticed a $100 bill on your windshield, would you jump out to get it?

Most people would, possibly thinking it's a holiday gift from a stranger. But really, authorities say, it could just be how you get caught in a scam. Authorities in Maryland are warning people about the potential for this kind of scam, particularly around the holidays.

They're warning people that when the driver exits the car with the door open to grab the bill, a thief has the opportunity to steal the vehicle.

Karen Straughn, Maryland Assistant Attorney General - Consumer Protection, wants the public to be aware of it, as reported by ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington. Straughn said an unknown resident, during a public information safety session in Baltimore County, informed her of one incident, but Straughn said she has not seen a police report about it.

"But because it's something of a frightening nature, if this happens to someone, we hope they will take the proper precautions," Straughn told ABC News.

Straughn said she is aware that the scam is touted online as an urban legend, but she wants to warn the public as a precautionary measure.

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