2 firefighters injured while putting out Antioch house fire

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Firefighters in the East Bay are trying to figure out who was stealing electricity from PG&E in a home that caught fire Sunday night. Two firefighters were injured.

When firefighters arrived at the house fire in Antioch, they immediately shut down the power so they could safely fight the fire.

"It's a serious concern for firefighters, because that is part of the process once you disconnect the power -- you assume you are safe from that risk," said Contra Costa Co. Fire Dept. Capt. George Laing.

But they weren't safe; two firefighters suffered from electrical shock, because they say the house was illegally wired and was stealing electricity from PG&E.

"In the course of fighting the fire, two were shocked, one rather severely, it didn't cause burns. They were treated on scene, but it was an injury to the firefighters and that is a crime," said Capt. Laing.

Four adults and four children were living in this home on Blythe Drive. Two residents suffered minor burns -- they all got out alive, along with their pit bull puppy.

"The renters are all ok, they are in the shelter right now. We will see how things go," said Lupe Soto, homeowner.

The homeowner stopped by to see the damage this morning. Firefighters say they don't know if the renters of the homeowner illegally wired the home, they are still investigating. The homeowner told ABC7 News she had not heard about the firefighters getting shocked or the wiring issue.

"I didn't know anything about that so I need to find out I didn't know that," said Soto.

The firefighters are considering filing felony charges. Officials believe the fire started with appliances in the kitchen and the faulty wiring may have been to blame.

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