3 killed after Bay Area-bound plane crashes in Reno

RENO, Nevada (KGO) -- A plane crashed in Reno as it was heading to the Bay Area, killing three people on board. Now there are questions about what happened and who the victims are.

One of the victims is Ed Mumbert. His church pastor, Dick Bernal of Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, identified the victim to ABC7 News reporter David Louie. Mumbert's family has also been notified.

The National Transportation Safety Board is hoping to answer those questions. They're in Reno on Monday.

It happened at takeoff Sunday night at about 6:15 a.m., with the plane crashing into a parking lot at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

The single engine Piper PA-28 was bound for San Carlos.

The pilot just became a tenant to the San Carlos airport two weeks ago. The victims' names have not been released.

The plane has a lengthy flying history, so it doesn't appear the pilot is new to flying, just new to the airport.

NTSB investigators arrived to the crash site on Monday. They'll review witness statements and look at the wreckage.

They hope to positively identify the other two victims by the afternoon. The coroner said that it was three adults, only saying one was male and one was female. No children were on board.

Pilots at the San Carlos Airport are trying to figure out who it could be and also wondering what went wrong.

"To some degree, sometimes you re-double your efforts, make sure that you don't have an accident. Try to always be prepared. Fly smart. But until they look into it, you don't know what happened. It's all speculation. Sad," pilot Wes Irish said.

The plane crashed into the parking lot at the airport but no one on the ground was hurt.

All the cars have to stay in the parking lot for now because it is an active investigation scene.

The airport is helping those car owners with cab rides and parking costs.

Investigators are hoping to release the names of the victims later in the afternoon.
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