3 men dressed as constructions workers rob Walnut Creek watch store

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Multiple security cameras caught a daring robbery in downtown Walnut Creek, the owner was maced and then pulled out his gun.

Thursday at noon, a watch shop owner was behind the counter helping two customers when three men in construction gear came in, one with a clipboard telling him they needed him to sign off on some electrical work.

The owner and a customer were sprayed with mace -- almost simultaneously. A second suspect used a bat to smash the case and started grabbing watches to pass to a third suspect with a backpack outside until the owner confronted him with a gun.

"I pointed it at him and began to rush him toward the door and he obviously fled very quickly," said owner Kyle O'Connor.

"It was three suspects, three black male adults in construction attire," said Sgt. Andy Brown of the Walnut Creek police.

"They waited till I said, 'What can I help you with,' nice, and then they came up really casual, really playing the part -- like lifetime criminals. They're good at what they do," O'Connor told ABC7 News.

Police say all three drove off in a new model dodge challenger with paper plates. Investigators are looking into any possible connections with other Bay Area holdups.

The owner believes one suspect came into the store a week ago.

In the end, the customer who was maced ended up buying the watch they were shopping for.
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