The mastermind behind the original 'fake news source' visits Fresno City College

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Many of the people who went to hear Scott Dikkers count on 'The Onion' for their daily dose of laughter. (KFSN-TV)

Many of the people who went to hear Scott Dikkers count on "The Onion" for their daily dose of laughter.

It offers headlines like "Local goose finally lands spot at tip of V."

"I'm a big fan of The Onion actually. I love the way he just basically takes things and makes them funny for me to read," said Tamara Torres.

The former cartoonist told the crowd 'The Onion" started as a newspaper in 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin, but the internet launched it into the comedy spotlight.

DALE: "Did you ever think you'd get to this point?"

"Being interviewed for ABC Fresno? No. Never," said Dikkers.

Their Twitter page has 11 million followers, who read headlines such as "Doug Pederson informs Nick Foles he's been traded to the Browns while handing him Lombardi trophy."

"I think they're funny. It's a different way of taking in the news," said Jose Diaz.

Some have labeled The Onion as fake news.

"No, it's news parody. If you believe it that's not my fault. It's your fault for not being very bright. It's clearly satirical. It's clearly made-up," said Dikkers.

So are some of the best-selling books Dikkers has written. He grew up on Mad Magazine and National Lampoon and sometimes though people think the onion's stories are real.

"Just a few years ago The Onion named Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un the world's sexiest man alive. The official news agency of the Chinese government reprints that verbatim," said Dikkers.

Dikkers has been threatened many times with lawsuits, especially in the early years.

"In the past, you would make fun of Doritos, they would sue you. Once you're known, you make fun of them, they send you a big box of Doritos so that was kind of the sea change," said Dikkers.
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