California flu season yet to peak, more infections to come

California officials reported the first death of this flu season just last week. The victim was from southern California.

Flu season in California has yet to peak. We're typically a few weeks behind the East Coast, so the next few weeks will bring more infections.

ABC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser suggests that everyone get the flu shot if they haven't yet. He also has some advice for those that do catch the flu.

"I don't think you should race off to see the doctor. As a doctor, the last thing I want is for every patient of mine with the flu to come in because they can spread it to everyone who's waiting. If you think you got the flu, give a call in. Some doctors will prescribe anti-viral medicines over the phone," Besser says.

Besser says that even if someone has had the flu, they're not immune from catching it again in the same season because there are different strains.

He says if everyone stays home from school or work when they're sick, it would really help curb the spread of the virus.
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