Beyond the Headlines: Body image

Original air date: February 16, 2014
Body Image
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

This episode of "Beyond the Headlines" talks about body image. It's the way we perceive ourselves and how we look. Our families, our friends, social pressure, and the mass media are just some of the contributing factors. Our body image affects self-esteem and, ultimately, our mental health.

Our guests talk about the misconception of beauty, social activism and how to improve one's body image.

Studio Guests

Jennifer Berger
Executive Director, About-Face
Twitter: @aboutfacesf

Kjerstin Gruys
Doctoral Candidate, UCLA School of Sociology
Author, Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body By Not Looking at It for a Year
Twitter: @KjerstinGruys

Lisa Lee
Co-Founder, Thick Dumpling Skin
Twitter: @rrrlisarrr

Rebecca Cooper
Author, Diets Don't Work
Founder, Rebecca's House
Twitter: @QuitDieting

Additional Information:
National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
February 22 - 28, 2015

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