6 players charged, Napa hazing investigation continues

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- It was Halloween 2016 when the Napa Unified School District says a hazing incident happened inside the football team's locker room involving 17 members of the junior varsity team.

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"Everybody knows something happened," said football parent Barend Vintner.

He believes hazing should bring consequences, but it's left the entire football program under a cloud of suspicion.

"If you take the hazing incident, who acted, it's a small group," he told ABC7 News. "Now the football program -- destroyed."

The district attorney's office did not file any charges against coaches, but since the hazing scandal broke last fall, the entire coaching staff has resigned in protest. A new coach was recently hired by the district.

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School officials released a statement about the charges: As the DA's process moves forward, we will concentrate on healing, support for all students, and ensuring a safe learning and athletic environment.

The district expelled nine students for hazing, four of them remain out of school.

"It's been painful for the whole community," said Napa County School Superintendent Dr. Barbara Nemko. "When you have a confidential school matter, you don't know everything that happened. People talk. You don't like what you hear."

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The district attorney's hazing investigation continues.
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