Anti-Trump float amuses, irritates at Mill Valley Memorial Day parade

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- An anti-Trump float both amused and irritated a crowd at a Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade Monday.

In the middle of red white and blue flags and floats, there was Fabrice Florin's political statement, which was part satire, and part puppet show.

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The Mill Valley artist and activist created a theater on wheels with a mini Donald Trump and Lady Liberty towering over him. Fake Trump tweets flashed across an electronic ticker tape machine, and Lady Liberty scolds the president by hitting him on the head with her to torch.

Florin says the political statement was created out of frustration with Washington. "We created the Bamboodu Theater to reflect how we're feeling with Mr. Trump's actions in the world," Florin said.

Volunteers with the Mill Valley community action network marched alongside the anti-Trump float, inviting the crowd to sing a musical version of the Emma Lazarus poem, which begins, "give me your tired, your poor."

Many folks on the parade route found the parody hilarious, but others said it was totally inappropriate on Memorial Day. "It's not the place for this. What about the kids who've died in Afghanistan? It's all narcissism here in safe Marin County," said Marin County resident Rory.

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