Anti-Trump student walkouts planned in Oakland, Berkeley

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- School districts are bracing for student walkouts on Friday as hundreds of Oakland and Berkeley high school students are planning to join a march to Cal, where students there will join them.

In a statement, the Berkeley Unified School District said: "We support our students in their interest in political issues, but we are not closing on Friday."

Hundreds of flyers were printed and information updated for Friday's anti-Trump walk out and rally.

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Behind Friday's demonstrations is a group called By Any Means Necessary, which has held many protests at UC Berkeley. The group was seeking more supporters at UC Berkeley on Tuesday.

"The majority of people rejected Donald Trump, rejected his immigrant bashing and racism and sexism. The principal of Democracy must prevail over the electoral college," organizer Ronald Cruz said.

The group is asking cities in the Bay Area to close their schools in protest of Trump's inauguration. Some Oakland and Berkeley high school students have committed to walking out.

"I think as a young person, that's one of the only things I can do. People are saying you need to do something besides go out and protest, but there's not much I can do," student Zoe Horowitz said.

"There are many families that are affected by this that we need to support them even if we're not directly affected," student Ru Townsend said.

Berkeley High School students walked out in November right after the election. They vow to do the same on Friday and march to UC Berkeley, while Oakland students are expected to march to downtown Oakland.

Both districts are encouraging students to stay in school. The districts may lose thousands in state funds if students don't show up to school.

Oakland Unified District officials say more important is their education and what they would lose out on by walking out.

At Cal, it's not clear how many will protest on Friday.

One student says he'll be on the sidelines. "In order for the nation to go forward, even if you disagree with the election, accept the results and move on," student Ryan Lee said.

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