Antioch police say man drugged, sexually assaulted teens

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- A minivan is at the center of a bizarre story centering around drugs and sexual assault in the East Bay.

Antioch police say they found an incoherent woman in a minivan belonging to 43-year-old Cori Murphy. Murphy is under arrest and police say that woman in the minivan wasn't the only victim.

The man showed up at the Antioch Police Department seeking advice. An officer recognized him as a rape suspect and made the arrest. When they searched his van they found the woman in the back of the vehicle drugged and partially clothed, in the same state as other victims.

A purple Plymouth Voyager van is best described as creepy, and at worst it's the scene of multiple attacks on women.

"He would try to lure women into that van. I swear to God I saw that guys a million different times," Antioch resident Daryl Robinson.

Antioch police say Murphy drugged and sexually assaulted at least two teenage girls. The investigation against him started with an alleged rape at the Economy Inn back in February.

A 16-year-old woke-up disoriented and reported being attacked by Murphy and 27-year-old Rose Ann Pennell.

Then in July a 14-year-old girl was drugged, sexually assaulted, and raped in the same location with Murphy and Pennell accused, plus a third woman implicated in the crimes, 23-year-old Sarah Denzer.

"Crime is one thing. When it comes to a crime against women and children that's just crazy. Violent," Robinson said.

The three are in custody and being held on $4 million bail each. Other victims or witnesses are being asked to contact police.
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