Bay Area residents can report illegal fireworks using new 'Nail em' app

NEWARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Fireworks stands are opening up in some Bay Area cities with the Fourth of July now just days away.

There are restrictions and things you need to know to keep your family safe.

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A fireworks stand in Dublin opened at noon on Wednesday and a dozen others like it are also set to open soon. However, most Bay Area cities do not allow fireworks for safety and fire prevention reasons.

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"Most of our kits last an hour, hour and a half, throw in a couple of big ones at the end, fabulous," Good News Family Fellowship spokesperson Bernadette Bray said.

The fireworks booth off Dublin Boulevard benefits many of Bray's church's outreach programs. "We made a little over $15,000 last year, so it helps a lot," she said.

Keep in mind that if you legally buy fireworks in Dublin, and then set them off in San Francisco, you're breaking the law and could face a steep fine. Even in Dublin, fireworks aren't allowed everywhere.
The Alameda County fire marshall says you must pay close attention to the rules where you live. "If you're under an HOA, your HOA may prohibit them, so you really need to look at the regulations for your particular situation and where they're allowed," Alameda County Fire Marshall Bonnie Terra said.

Terra says even the Safe and Sane fireworks carry risks. Improper disposal can also lead to a fire.

Several parks are designated as fireworks zones for people who live in apartment or condos where fireworks are prohibited. And this year, it's riskier than ever to light illegal fireworks.

TNT fireworks launched an app called Nail 'em to help people easily and anonymously report illegal fireworks in their community.

All you have to do is take a photo or audio clip, include the time and location and the report will be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

"Safe and Sane" fireworks go on sale in a handful of other Bay Area communities including Union City, Pacifica, San Bruno and Petaluma.

Click here to download the Nail'em App to help report illegal fireworks.

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