California carnival rides shut down after Ohio State Fair death

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- One person was killed at the Ohio State Fair and seven others were hurt when a ride called the Fire Ball broke apart mid air, sending its riders falling to the concrete below.

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And three similar rides in Northern California have also been shut down in Sacramento, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz.

There were sounds of summer at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, but there was one place that was quiet with no line--Fire Ball, a pendulum-type ride that spins and swings people around is closed.

Families gathered in front of it, watching a graphic video in horror as the same ride broke at the Ohio State Fair.

"Definitely shocking. I was wondering why there was no line, that definitely explains why it's good it's better to be safe than sorry." said Livermore resident Julie Bassett.

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A spokesperson at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk says it's unknown how long its ride will remain closed. A similar ride at Great America in Santa Clara called Delirium is also shut down.

Cal OSHA says those are two of the six rides that shut down as a precaution.

"They ask that we continue to have the ride off until they can coordinate with the ride manufacturer and come up with a game plan for safety inspection for all these rides," said Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk spokesman Kris Reyes.

The Fireball rides at Cal Expo State Fair in Sacramento and three other locations in Southern California are also closed.

Park officials say they will work closely with state regulators. A similar ride left off the list is Lasso of Truth at Discovery Kingdom because it was made by a different manufacturer.

The accident left many skeptical if they want to go back on the Fireball once it opens again.

"I won't go on it," said Tanya Pettit of Porterville. "And I don't think I would let my son go on it now."

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The boardwalk says it's really in a holding pattern. They're waiting to hear from the state to see if outside inspectors will come in or OSHA allows them to do their own maintenance.
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