Celeste Guap expected to accept plea deal in Florida

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The woman at the center of a sex scandal involving officers in several Bay Area cities will appear in a Florida court Wednesday morning.

The woman known as Celeste Guap is expected to formally accept a plea deal in exchange for a reduced charge of misdemeanor battery after she allegedly bit a security guard at a rehab facility.

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The Richmond Police Department issued its final report on the police misconduct.

According to his attorney, at least one officer is facing severe discipline and more notices could be issued this week.

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In a five page letter to city officials, Richmond Police Department Chief Allwyn Brown says the department investigated 11 current and former officers regarding their involvement with Guap.

While some officers violated department policies, the chief says the engagements were non-criminal. Recommendations vary from termination from employment to letters of reprimand and corrective counseling. The chief also says the investigation exonerated or eliminated some of the 11 officers.

A breakdown of discipline actions and for how many officers was not released but Richmond's mayor says he's asked for it. "We're going to get the same level of information that Mayor Schaaf gave regarding the Oakland officers," Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said. "I think it's important for the public to get all the information they can.

Attorney Mike Rains represents Richmond's police officers. "Some of the officers in the case are calling their lawyers saying what's happening to me," he said.

Rains says so far only one Richmond police officer has received a notice of intent to discipline. He called the discipline severe. "Anything that may be from a 30 day suspension on up to termination," Rains said.

In the letter, Brown writes: "Representations that we sent this teenage witness away or had her removed to Florida distort reality."

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