Charges filed in murder of 'Baby Doe' identified as Bella

Charges have been filed against Michael McCarthy, the boyfriend of Rachelle Bond, with the murder of her daughter Bella Bond, previously referred to as "Baby Doe." McCarthy is accused of causing Bella's death intentionally and he and Bond are accused of keeping her death a secret to avoid prosecution, according to ABC News.

The real name of "Baby Doe," the viral mystery girl whose body was discovered on a Massachusetts beach, was Bella, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said Friday.

Baby Doe was found in June by a woman walking her dog on the beach at Massachusetts' Deer Island when she came across a trash bag. Inside the bag was the body of a girl who was 3 and 1/2 feet tall, along with a zebra print blanket.

When the Massachusetts State Police posted her story to Facebook in early July, millions of people tried to help figure out who she was. They left comments of how far the story had traveled and reflected on how horrible it is to kill a child. Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley, who was overseeing the investigation, said he was touched by the support and was confident it would help the investigation.

Despite the widespread publicity, investigators have been frustrated for months trying to figure out who she was and how she died. There were no obvious signs of trauma to her body. An autopsy performed by the state medical examiner's office did not immediately determine the manner or cause of her death.

Police chased down tips from around the world, but experts determined pollen on the girl's blanket and leggings and in her hair came from trees found in New England. Investigators finally got a break Thursday when a search warrant was issued at a home in Dorchester, ABC affiliate WCVB in Boston reports.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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