Convicted kidnapper Matthew Muller could face new charges, life sentence

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- After a federal judge sentenced Matthew Muller to 40 years in prison last Thursday for kidnapping Denise Huskins from a Vallejo home, the Solano County District Attorney says she is now requesting all discovery from the federal case to assess possible state charges against Muller.

"We anticipate being able to get all the discovery from the U.S. Attorney's Office so that we can make an informed determination as to whether we should file charges here in Solano County," said Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams.

Abrams says she has requested all discovery such as interviews, photographs and tangible evidence including evidence found at Muller's South Lake Tahoe home.

"There's a myriad of crimes that he hasn't been charged with that he should be," said Huskins' attorney Doug Rappaport.

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Rappaport says the other charges include burglary, stealing Aaron Quinn's car, taking personal identifying information and kidnapping Huskins with the intent for sexual assault, a crime that carries a life term.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, FBI analysts discovered video recordings of Muller sexually assaulting Huskins twice.

During her victim impact statement, Huskins said of her sexual assault exam, "You hope that by making that sacrifice and opening your legs to strangers to pick, prod, examine and picture you, it could possibly save others from the same fate."

She continued, "And here I was, wishing that I had put up more of a fight, was beaten more, was torn into more so the police would be more likely to believe me."

"It would be a shame if charges weren't filed. It would be another great disappointment to women," said Rappaport.

Both El Dorado County and Solano County have jurisdiction over potential state charges.

In an emailed statement, the El Dorado County Assistant District Attorney said, "The determination as to any potential charges, as to what evidence the US Attorney's Office may have, or to which county may be the most appropriate location to file any charges if supported by the evidence is still being looked into."

Solano County's District Attorney says there will not be simultaneous prosecutions and while the sexual assaults allegedly occurred in El Dorado county it's more likely that any additional charges will be prosecuted by Solano County.

"Understanding their wishes and if we can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt I want to get them justice locally just like they had it done federally," said Abrams.

Abrams told ABC7 News the timeline for reviewing the police reports and discovery along with making a charging decision could be "within a few weeks."

Meantime, Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins got engaged this past Saturday. They shared pictures of their engagement publicly on Facebook.

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