Couple loses San Francisco apartment in fire on day they moved in

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Bay Area couple is trying to figure out what's next after they lost everything in a San Francisco fire.

The couple is just months away from becoming parents. "I just wanted to come home from work and have a house for my son. It has traumatized me bad. I can't sleep. I can't think," Rachel Strobel said.

Strobel stood with her boyfriend, Luke Miller, outside what was to be their new home. A fire damaged all their belongings inside.

The couple is expecting a baby boy in January.

"It went so fast, and then I got worried because there's other people. And I panicked and I tried to knock on people's doors and pull them out and help them," Strobel said.

Friday evening, just hours after moving into their new apartment on 22nd Avenue and Noriega Street, a fire broke out in the unit below.

Miller watched the smoke travel from that unit's kitchen to his place above it. "Now we're homeless. We got a baby on the way in two months. We can't find nothing. And everything is destroyed and damaged," he said.

They lost everything, including new clothes for their baby.

Miller and Strobel do have some insurance, but finding a place to live is the main priority right now.

The Red Cross put the couple up in a hotel for two nights but by Monday, they have to be out.

"Seriously, there are no words. We have a baby coming. There is nowhere to go. It's hard in the city to find a place," Miller said.

The apartment building's gate is currently locked with a pile of damaged appliances and belongings on the sidewalk.

It took them six months to find the apartment. "It's just devastating," Strobel said.

Everyone made it out alive. For that, they're grateful, but it's still difficult to figuring out how to start over again.
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