Daredevil who climbed San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge says it was 'spring break fun'

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A daring stunt by two Milwaukee teenagers searching for some spring break fun has the Golden Gate Bridge Authority revamping it security measures.

It happened last month, but the video showing them climbing up the main cable to the top of the north tower was released to the public today by the teens.

FULL VIDEO: Daredevils climb to top of Golden Gate Bridge
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Video showing daredevils doing backflips and somersaults on top of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is raising some serious questions. Watch the full video here.

"We really didn't know we were going to climb it but once we got there we were, like 'yeah we are going to climb it,'" 18-year-old Peter Teatime said.

Teatime, who is a senior in high school, climbed the vertical suspender ropes and gained access to the main cable that took them to the north tower. They had no safety equipment and peter had a hand-held camera.

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"They're pretty steep, you have to grab on to the sides and I had to do it with one hand because I had my camera in one hand," Teatime said.

When they reached the top you can hear Peter describes what he sees.

"Guys, just made it to the top, this is incredible to be honest, it's so beautiful up here," Teatime said.

While this was going on the Golden Gate Bridge Authority admits they were completely unaware. None of the sensors or cameras was focused on that part of the bridge.

FULL VIDEO: Golden Gate Bridge officials discuss climbing stunt

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At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District officials addressed a video that's gone viral showing two daredevils climbing the bridge and doing somersaults and backflips at the top. Here's a look at the full news conference.

"In many areas where you could hurt the bridge, we have different types of sensors that trigger an alarm, there is an audible and then that camera pops up on the big screen. Where these individuals were and what they were engaged in could not have harmed the bridge, so it did not trigger alarms," Bridge District General manager Denis Mulligan said.

The district will now change its security infrastructure and protocols. But what has infuriated them the most is what the teens were doing on the walkway.

"I've been doing this type of stuff my whole life so to me it wasn't too hard I think we're the first to ever do flips up there," Teatime said.

"If either of these young men slipped or fallen there could have been serious harm to motorists below," Mulligan said.
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