Downtown Willow Glen businesses hit by vandals

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose police are trying to find the vandals who have been causing fear and destruction in one of the city's safest shopping areas. Several businesses have been attacked, with at least one incident on surveillance video.

This is a very popular place to hang out, with a lot of restaurants and stores. But unfortunately, downtown Willow Glen is also attracting some vandals.

Customers at the downtown Willow Glen Baskin Robbins are greeted with boarded up windows. The assault on the ice cream shop came early Wednesday.

Surveillance video from just before 1:54 a.m. shows something hit the glass door, which shattered. A little more than two minutes later, there was a second hit that caused more glass to shatter.

Owner David Belardi discovered the damage when he came to work Wednesday morning.

"It had already been bordered up, the police had already come and gone and they called and had someone board it up for us," said Belardi. "So it had already been done."

David found this metal ball on the ground at his store. And believes the vandals used some type of BB gun or paint gun to fire it.

He's not the only recent vandalism victim in downtown Willow Glen.

A table was thrown through a Starbucks window early Tuesday morning.

And up Lincoln Ave, the Bev-Mo had its front window smashed on Aug. 10. It's the third window damaged at the liquor store by vandals over the past two years.

One worker told me this is not that uncommon.

Belardi is just hoping it doesn't happen again.

"I think it's just kids wasting time and costing people money," he said. "You know, I'd like to find out who it is but at this point it's just going to cost us all money."

Police did respond here to the Baskin Robbins. They took photos and a report. But at this point, they say there've been no arrests.
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