Only On 7: Off-duty Uber driver describes being forced to drive to Richmond at gunpoint

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- San Francisco Police are investigating a kidnapping after a man and a woman forced an off-duty Uber driver in San Francisco Saturday night to drive for approximately two hours at gunpoint to Richmond where he eventually escaped.

The victim's car and the suspects are still outstanding.

The 26-year-old off-duty Uber driver gave an unforgettable ride to some non-paying customers. "I'm alright. I made it out alive," said the driver who asked ABC7 News to identify him only as "Daniel," which is not his real name.

He says a man and woman got in his unlocked parked car around 20th Avenue and Anza Street around 6:40pm Saturday night claiming they used the ridesharing app even though he said he didn't accept any rides. "I decided to drive down the block thinking in good faith it was a mistake," he said.

As the couple's directions evolved so did their demands. "Things got real serious real fast," he continued.

He says the male passenger pulled out a gun. "He pointed it at my head from the back seat."

While the female passenger climbed into the front seat. "She claimed she had a knife and she even threatened to stab me in my leg."

Along the way he says the couple tossed his phone and iPad out of the car. He believes they may have also taken his camera.

He drove the couple to Richmond where they wanted to stop at Cisco Market on 13th street so he could take out money at an ATM. "I bolted into the street," he said.

"When he found the opportunity to escape he did and it proved to be the right thing for him to do," said Lt. Felix Tan with the Richmond Police Department.

Saturday night Richmond Police and San Francisco Police interviewed the driver at the Richmond Police Department.

A Cisco Market employee says his boss showed the surveillance video to police.

The vehicle which is still outstanding is a white 2015 Toyota Camry with license plate 7HQW692. "Definitely having the Uber logo on the front and back of my car kind of victimized me a bit," said the driver.

"You're kind of de-sensitized from people coming into your car it seems like a normal thing but people are out there trying to take advantage of that so always lock your cars," he continued.

Uber says the incident happened while the driver was off the app and is directing all questions to police.

The driver says the couple wanted to go to Sacramento and that there's been some activity on his credit card since the kidnapping in Fairfield.
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