Electronics ban may be expanded on flights to and from Europe

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) -- An electronics ban could impact you the next time you fly. The White House is expected to sign off, as soon as this week, on a ban on anything larger than a smartphone for flights to and from Europe.

It's the business travelers who seem to be the most upset about surrendering a laptop before boarding a plane.

"I think it's a problem because I travel all the time. I do work on the plane when you are sitting on a plane for five hours, it's a perfect place to do work so there's got to be a way to figure this out without banning them," said Paul Baines, Toronto.

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But there is speculation that U.S. officials are close to banning all electronics larger than a smartphone on all European flights. That means laptops and tablets, which can really help fill the time on a flight.

"It gives people something to do while they are flying it is a long flight it does keep you busy. I don't think it's a good idea to ban it I really don't," said Sarah Willis, Antioch.

The move would be in the name of safety. Electronics are already banned from flights out of several airports in the Middle East.

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"Safety first for me; I would be ok with it we can always do the old fashioned thing like read a book," said Johnetta Stevens, Oakland.

Those who aren't quite ready to go back that far in time point you could still have your phone.

"It's a long flight but everyone has a phone and WiFi on most planes so I think it would be fine just fine," said Alfonzo Nunez, Tracy.

A source at the federal government said nothing has been decided yet, but it has been talked about for about six weeks. An announcement could happen by the end of the month.

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