ONLYONABC7NEWS.COM: SF District Attorney's Office explains why man arrested in FBI raid not charged after previous arrest

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7 News confirmed a man who was shot outside a home on Teddy Avenue in San Francisco last Friday hours before a raid has died.

FBI sources said it's unclear what if any connection Stanislav Petrov and a woman named Milagro Moraga who were arrested have to with what has now become a homicide investigation. What is clear is both were previously arrested at the home in March, but never charged and for the first time the San Francisco District Attorney's Office is saying why.

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In the meantime, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office is investigating a use of force incident involving Petrov from November in which three Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies are accused of beating him. Those deputies have been placed on administrative leave.

Before FBI agents and San Francisco police raided the home on Teddy Avenue, neighbors said they heard gunshots overnight. "Of course I'm shocked," one person said.

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A hospital spokesperson confirmed Christopher Perez-Melo passed away Tuesday night. The San Francisco Police Department said they have not identified a suspect in Perez-Melo's death.

Petrov and Moraga's warrants remain sealed, but court documents from a March raid at the same home reveal more.

In exclusive video obtained by ABC7 News, FBI and SFPD officials are seen raiding the home on March 8. According to court documents, San Francisco police arrested both Petrov and Moraga in connection with controlled substances and a firearm. The San Francisco District Attorney's office did not charge either of them.

A spokesperson released a statement saying:"The arrests on March 8 were part of an ongoing federal investigation. Due to the nature of that investigation we did not receive evidence in a timely manner to support the allegations, and as a result we discharged the case."

Law enforcement officials said they're still searching for a suspect accused of shooting Perez-Melo.

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