Fire destroys popular Pescadero Country Store

PESCADERO, Calif. (KGO) -- The Pescadero Country Store, a popular grocery store and deli burned to the ground early Sunday morning.

The store is located downtown a few blocks from Highway 1 in a popular area for people visiting the Pescadero State Beach.

The owners want to rebuild it and they're finding a lot of support in the community.

It wasn't just a country store, it was also a landmark.

Residents are still sorting out the consequences of the fire that took away what they call the heart of the town.

"To see it burn, that would've been hard. I mean it's hard to see it, anyway," owner Cindy Simms said.

If you go to Pescadero often, then you may know Cindy and her husband Steve Simms. You may also have pleasant memories of the good eats and friendly atmosphere in their Pescadero Country Store.

Cindy and Steve were on vacation up north when the fire broke out.

Janis Keen owns a business across the street and like many people in Pescadero, she mourns the loss of a historic building, but even more they'll miss the atmosphere that Cindy and Steve created inside of it. "It was a gathering place, a community hall," Keen said.

Cindy opens her door to everyone. Even on Monday while insurance adjusters and fire inspectors were at the store.

Cindy doesn't worry about Steve and herself as much as she does for 19 employees. "They are first on the list because I have a lot of employees who cannot afford to be unemployed," she said.

Officials are still working to determine the cause of the fire.

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