Good Samaritan spots car in AMBER Alert, boy found safe

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A missing 11-month-old baby named William Brown is safe after an AMBER Alert was issued Thursday morning.

The San Francisco District Attorney's Office says the baby was abducted in San Francisco by his own grandmother, Phoebe Haynes, Wednesday night.

WATCH VIDEO: AMBER Alert cancelled for 11-month-old boy abducted in SF

Her friends and family are surprised and angry. "Phoebie bring that baby home right now, and I mean it," great aunt Lashelle Johnson said.

The crisis began Wednesday night when William disappeared from the parking lot of a grocery store in the Bayview District.

Family members told ABC7 News that William and his grandmother remained in the car while his mother shopped inside. "She left the baby with her mother and she's thinking her mother is going to sit there and be cool and watch the baby until she comes out the store. She comes out and the baby is gone," great grandmother Irene Mathews said.

The AMBER Alert for a white, older model Acura went state-wide.

On Thursday afternoon, it paid off in Redwood City when a caller identified the car and called police who moved in. "The baby was cleared medically at the scene and the child will be going back to the family in the near future," San Francisco Assistant San Francisco Attorney Alex Bastian said.

Why would a grandmother allegedly take her grandson? "Her boyfriend called and said she is probably going to Sacramento maybe to look for housing out there, but she needs a child to put on her thing where she can get housing," Mathews said.

The district attorney's office told ABC7 News that Haynes is in custody.

It's more than enough stress for one family in one day. "My heart is just about to stop, sir, I have been through so much," Johnson said.
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